School Philosophy
Through applied programs we aim to develop skilled human resources who
- Recognize that achievement comes from effort,
- Have open minds and extensive knowledge,
- Think from an international perspective,
- Have creativity and good character.
Educational Objectives
To leverage the attributes inherent in a medical university to carry out hands-on, pragmatic education.
To provide education that fosters medical professionals who are well rounded in character, and to strive to nurture pharmacists who undertake the scientific study of medicines.
To facilitate lerning with comprehensive curriculums.
The emphasis is placed on the nurturing of well-rounded personalities adequete for the healthcare profession. Pharmacists with rich humanity are fostered through seminars consisting of discussion in small groups, simulated medication counseling and other programs, as well as liberal arts lectures.
Our practical training programs are conducted in the advanced hospital facilities in collaboration with Teikyo University Hospital.
Through cutting-edge research and clinical training, we aim to cultivate attitudes as professional pharmaceutical scientists and help them develop ability to set challenges and solve problems.

Dep. of Medicinal Sciences
Dep. of Medical & Pharmaceutical Sceinces
 Basic Chemistry & Molecular Structure  Molecular Pharmaceutics
 Physical Chemistry  Pharmacotherapeutics
 Bioanalytical Chemistry  Physical Pharmaceutics
 Biomedical & Analytical Sciences  Molecular Physiology & Pathology
 Bioorganic and Metabolic Chemistry  Drug & Gene Delivery Research
 Medicinal Chemistry  Drug Disposition & Pharmacokinetics
 Pharmaceutical Chemistry  Host Defence
Dep. of Life & Health Sciences
Dep. of Clinical & Pharmaceutical Sciences
 Molecular Biology  Hospital Pharmacy
 Basic Biology  Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology
 Environmental health and Global Health  Medical Pharmacology
 Biological Chemistry  Human Physiology & Pathology
 Molecular Health Science  Pharmaceutics
 Toxicology  Clinical Pharmaceutics

 Pharmaceutial Care and Community Medicine

Center for Promotion of Pharmaceutical Education & Research
 Clinical Training Unit
 Basic Training Unit
 Learning Promotion Unit
Donation course
  Ultrasound Theranostics lifelong education for pharmacists
 Drug Discoveries by Silkworm Models

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