Information Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences

Outline of the Information Center
Information Center (ICPS) works as a supporting function on the network (TUP-NET) at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The TUP-NET network system consists of 5 major servers (Gateway Security, FTP/WWW, Mail/News, FAX, and Communication) as well as SNMP System Observing Server connected with more than 130 clients at every laboratory.

ICPS also plays an important role on maintaining normal working conditions for the multi-media educational systems and on advising how to utilize the system for education.

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Professor Dr. Kazuaki Yokoyama
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Professor Dr. Kazuya Nakagomi
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Professor Dr. Hiroshi Kosano
Professor Dr. Fuminori Otsuka
Associate Professor Dr. Seishi Kishimoto
Associate Professor Dr. Toshihide Suzuki
Associate Professor Dr. Takashi Uezono
Assistant Professor Dr. Takashi Okura
Research associate Mr. Kiyoshi Abe
Library Ms. Sadami Horino
Treadurer Mr. Naoya Genji
Secretariat Mr. Yasuhiro Kobayashi
Support Hitachi Engineering Co.

TEL: +81-42-685-1121 (To Office)
FAX: +81-42-685-1345 (To Office)

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